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Columbia Links

Columbia College Conservative Club
The Columbia Conservative Alumni Association
The Brownshirts Win. How Columbia University joined the Protesters to Kill a conference.
Columbia University has the dubious honour of earning two spots on Young America's Foundation 1999  Top Ten Politically Correct List
Anti-Americans Tenured at Columbia

Outside Links

Founding Documents and Other Useful Items

The Collection at the Constitution Society

The Collection by the Claremont Institute

The Avalon Project of Yale Law SchoolDocuments in Law, History and Diplomacy

National Conservative Student Organizations

Accuracy in Academia

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute

The College Republican National Committee

Students for Academic Freedom

The Foundation for Academia Standards and Tradition

The Young America's Foundation

Young American's for Freedom

Other Sites of Interest for Young Conservatives

Conservative Generation X

Right Girl (Is that where can I meet one?)

Social Security Reform

New York State Sites

  NYSCP Emblem

The New York State Conservative Party 


Young Republicans

The New York State Republican Committee

The New York Young Republican Club

Conservative Sites

The American Conservative Union

The Center for the Study of Popular Culture (David Horowitz and Peter Collier's Group)

Citizens United

The Claremont Institute

The Constitution Society (I consider them a conspiracy nuts, but they do have great resources)

Conservative USA

The Eagle Forum (Go there and you'll know why the left fears Phyllis Schlafly)

The Free Congress Foundation (Even a Republican Congress needs to be watched)


The Heritage Foundation

The Hoover Foundation

The Independent Institute

John Birch Society

Judicial Watch

The Pro-life Activist

The Republican National Committee

Republican National Coalition for Life

Toward Tradition- The Premier organization of Religious Jewish Conservatives (This site has some wonderful ammunition for the Culture wars, even if you are not of the Mosaic faith)

Townhall -Conservative News Information and Organizations

Libertarian Sites

The Cato Institute

Libertarians for Life

The Reason Public Policy Institute

The Republican Liberty Committee

Project Freedom- The Web Site of Congressman Ron Paul


Capitol Hill Blue

The Conservative News Service

Conservative News from the Media Research Center

The Fox News ChannelFair and Balanced News

Frontpage Magazine from the people who started Heterodoxy

News Max

The New American

Spin Tech Magazine a monthly challenge to the prevailing culture

VDare, defending Americas cultural heritage

The Washington Times

Worldnetdaily- a Free Press for a Free People

USA Journal 

The New York Post

The New York Sun

Blogs and Debate sites

New York Young Republicans
Spot On
View From the Right

Free Republic- Read news and join in discussions.

Liberty Post

Second Amendment Sites

The National Rifle Association

Gun Owners of America

Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

New York State Rifle and Pistol Association

Shooters Committee on Political Education



Zionist Sites

Channel 7

Betar/Tagar- The Revisionist Zionist Student Site

The Freeman Center

The Jerusalem Post

Likud Party USA (you didn't think I'd support Labor. Did You?)

Moledet ( Because it's our land.)

National Union (Herut, Tekuma, Moledet)

Revisionist Zionism Online

The Zionist Organization of America